4 Classroom Management Tips for Remote Learning and the New School Year

Posted by Amy Roberts on July 29, 2020 at 2:53 PM


The new school year is arriving soon. With COVID-19 still present in our communities, administrators are trying to decide what exactly school will look like come fall. Mixes of in-person classes and remote learning are the main topics of discussion.

Because COVID-19 hit so hard and so quickly, teachers were thrown into distance learning without a whole lot of time to prepare. Since educators are now more aware that distance learning is most likely going to happen again in the fall, it is time to prepare how you will manage your classroom. We have gathered together four classroom management tips for remote learning to make the new school year a little easier for you.

Set Expectations

Yes, your students did have to participate in remote learning at the end of the school year, but it was a messy situation. Everyone was adjusting and trying to figure out what worked best. Going into this school year, set clear expectations for your class. Make sure your students know what is allowed and what isn’t.

Develop Structure

Kids need structure. You create structure for your in-person classroom, so you should be creating structure for your digital classroom as well. Explain to your students what class will look like. You can even ask for participation on this part from your students and ask for feedback on how they would like the class to be set up.

Have Your Communication Tools Planned

It is extremely important to choose your communication tools before class starts. This way, your students will know how they will get in contact with you, where their assignments will be posted, and what platform class will be held on before they get into the thick of learning material.

Install Classroom Management Software

When you are not in the physical classroom, it is hard to see what your students are doing on their devices during class time. When you add classroom management software to your tech tool belt, you are able to monitor and manage your students’ devices in real-time. This makes keeping your students on track during class time a lot easier. Vision’s classroom management software allows you to:

  •  View Student Screens – See everything your students see on their computers. At a glance, see who is on task and who needs assistance.
  • Share Teacher’s Screens – Facilitate learning by sharing your screen on every student device. No need for projectors and handouts – give everyone a front-row view.
  • Showcase Student – Students can display their screens directly on the other student computers, practicing their presentation skills, and enhancing collaboration.
  • Blank Screens – Refocus student attention with the push of a button, locking screens, and keyboards.
  • Web Filter – You decide which websites are available or off-limits.
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Want to learn more about distance learning? Check out How Classroom Management Software Makes Distance Learning Easier and How to Manage Your Students Devices During Distance Learning

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