How Classroom Technology Can Save Educators Time Before, During, and After Class

Ask any educator what they wish for more of. “Time” is bound to be one of their first answers. Between planning the lesson for the day, grading assignments, and instructing the class, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. Fortunately, classroom management software can help you not only corral all of the laptops, tablets, and devices in your classroom, but can also save you...

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Introducing Netop and Clever Integration

As a classroom management software company, our goal is to make teachers's lives easier. We are pleased to announce a new update that will make managing your students' devices quicker and more efficient. Netop Vision is now integrated with Clever! 

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How to Incorporate Classroom Management Software into Your Lesson Plans

When you think of classroom management software, what do you typically think of? A way to monitor your students or maybe a way to block certain websites? While both of those are true, classroom management software can also be used to improve and make your lesson planning a little easier. By using tools that allow you to share your screen, push links, and send files to your students, you can...

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How to Help Teachers Integrate Classroom Management Software into Their Classrooms

With the introduction of 1:1 computers in schools, classroom management software makes teachers lives easier. They are able to monitor students’ screens from their own personal computer, push links to their students’ computers, apply a web filter, and much more. Despite these benefits, teachers can still be a little bit apprehensive about adding more technology to their classrooms. With a...

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Will We See You at CUE 2019?

It is that time of year again. CUE 2019 is quickly approaching. Head to Palm Springs, California March 14-16 to learn all about education innovation. You will be able to attend a large variety of workshops, network with your peers, and have a ton of fun. Netop's very own Kaitlin Trujillo will be speaking on One-Click Classroom Management. Come stop by booth 115 to chat with us and see how...

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Why You Need a Classroom Management Tool and What to Look for When Choosing One

In the digital age, technology like laptops, tablets, and other devices are crucial for educators. They enable them to increase classroom efficiency and the effectiveness of their lesson plans while also allowing students the freedom to learn at a pace comfortable to them.

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How Classroom Management Software Makes a Teacher’s Life Easier

There is no doubt that a teacher’s day is extremely busy.  From teaching lessons, keeping kids on track, giving guidance, and a whole host of other activities, many teachers are feeling the time crunch. With the introduction of technology comes the benefit of innovation for students and sometimes the negative of extra work for teachers. As a teacher, you want your students to have access to...

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The Benefits of 1:1 Computing in Schools

Now more than ever, technology is present in schools.  From online libraries and books to tools that encourage practicing coding and math skills, technology is enhancing the student learning experience. Access to available technology will vary by school district and demographic. The most common types of technology in schools are  1:1 computers, computer carts, and computer labs.

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Join Us at the Amplified IT Technical Retreat

Netop Vision is a proud sponsor of the Amplified IT Technical Retreats in Loveland, Ohio on January 31 and Englewood, Colorado on February 6. Join us at either retreat and learn about Chromebook device implementation and management.

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Make the switch to Vision classroom management software: Easy-to-use Chromebook monitoring tools

Is your school’s classroom management software so difficult to use that it requires teachers to be tech wizards, or go through elaborate training just to use a few features?

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