Netop Vision TeachPad - the easy-to-use classroom accessory

The TeachPad is a five-button control pad that allows educators access to Vision's core features with the push of a button. Simply plug the TeachPad into a USB port on the teacher’s computer to start using it right away. It is a convenient and easy-to-use option for substitute teachers or those who are unfamiliar with Vision.

Access these essential features with the TeachPad:
• My Classroom - Monitor and supervise student computer activity.
• Demo - Present lessons by sharing the teacher's screen with the entire class.
• Blank Screen - Eliminate distractions by blanking screens and locking keyboards.
• Lock Web - Control Internet access during class, keeping students on-task.
• Stop - Discontinue Demo and Blank Screen commands on student computers.

This add-on accessory is available for $70 USD | 63.- Euro per classroom (excluding tax and shipping). The TeachPad currently works with the Windows and macOS versions of Vision. An updated version for Vision for Chromebooks is coming soon.

Learn more or purchase today.

“The TeachPad has saved me so much time!” - Kirsten J. Ledman, Barberton High School

Netop Vision is attending BETT 2018 at ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, London, United Kingdom.

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